We Are Not Here for Everyone,
We Are Just Here for YOU!

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We’re a full-service marketing and sales firm that acts as a strategic partner for you.
Because tactics don’t function without purpose and passion, our motto is Strategy First, Tactics Second. A driver is required for tactics.
Whether you require a one-time project or a long-term partnership, you’ll get a skilled team of sales strategists, web developers, authors, SEO analysts, and more who will cooperate, innovate, and push the boundaries to achieve the results you want.

Who Are We?

Remember that summer night when you and a handful of your best pals gathered around the campfire and… looked at website coding?
We don’t know either.
That’s because we gather around the campfire because of a great story. It’s what parents tell their kids before they go to bed. And it’s what keeps us going online. (At least, most of us; our SEO experts adore the technical foundations of a fantastic website!)
Let’s be clear: as a digital marketing business, we adore SEO, PPC, social media, and the other key aspects of digital marketing just as much as everyone else. That is why we have so many of them on our team.
But we also know that if you don’t start with great material, we won’t be successful. we also know that none of the other stuff counts if you don’t start with killer strategy.
As a result, we begin our job by generating and sharing amazing stories. From awareness to decision-making and beyond, we tell stories that help you connect with the prospects and consumers you want to reach.
Because awesome businesses are built on great stories.

How It Started? Our Business Story.

Katexs set out on a mission a few years ago to give the industry’s most effective marketing agency solutions, a high-touch client experience, and measurable outcomes, and we’ve succeeded so far. We are obsessive about providing excellent service, communication, and customer satisfaction, and as a digital marketing agency that also offers productivity tools, we can provide all of this and more.

Kevin Herring, our CEO, had been using the same domain name for 13 years, and it was time to climb up the food chain. Katexs was founded on his desire of creating an agency that provides more value than any other and truly puts the consumer first, as well as the demand for smart and result-oriented SEO.
They recognised they’d be successful if they over-delivered for clients, put time and resources into client success, hired the greatest subject matter experts for each service, and set up a dependable mechanism for constantly developing businesses online.
Today, we are a full-service digital marketing agency focused on delivering tangible outcomes for clients. We’ve developed our success model over time by focusing on the most critical KPIS, such as leads and income earned. We fully acknowledge that achieving these objectives is what drives success, and we feel that the success of our clients is the finest parameter of our own performance.
Katexs has evolved from a one-man operation to a national brand with a team of 600+ specialists and over 1000 percent growth for our own site on a shoestring budget and without taking on any debt. What began as a part-time hobby has evolved into an industry-leading solution that drives success and equalises the playing field.
To create brands, build websites, and launch marketing campaigns that benefit the world, we combine data with human-centered design. Our pride is in providing businesses with a fantastic product that they believe they won’t find anywhere else. It makes all the difference to inject passion into each project.
From our Miami Beach, FL house on Lincoln Rd we’ve fostered some of the industry’s brightest and most savvy professionals. While fact-checking ourselves and debating as many potential solutions as possible—even the strange ones—we share the pencil, plan, solutions, and alleviate obstacles here. We want to provide the greatest service to our consumers, so we only hire triple-certified experts.