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Advertising requires an investment of money or other resources to communicate a message to a large audience. Such communication requires the prior organization of a large audience. In the past, companies and their advertising agencies would use their own channels to spread their messages to customers effectively. This included many obvious channels such as television, radio, billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, direct mail, and telemarketing. Facebook advertising is one of the most popular online marketing strategies online today. It is highly versatile, and the advertising campaigns can be catered to any business. Facebook’s advertisement targeting features is one of the main reasons it has become so successful. Facebook has been one of the most influential tools in social media for global marketing It is the most popular social networking site and platform of the world. Most of the brands have an official Facebook page to keep in touch with their customers. Here are the tips on what is Facebook ads for you to understand it more deeper, what are ads on Facebook and its examples or types, and how can you run Facebook ads.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is a digital marketing method that advertises products and services on the social media platform. There are many different types of Facebook campaigns that can be employed, some of them include Brand Awareness, Marketplace, Relationship Marketing, Repurpose, Seasonal Marketing, and Campaign Management. Facebook ads are sold to advertisers only. The brand promoting the ad can allow 3rd parties to advertise on Facebook as well, but at the 2nd party’s own cost. Some brands buy spots in bulk, so you will always find ads starting from $100 to several thousand dollars, depending on the reach you plan to achieve. Other advertisers buy single advertisement space for a set period of time. Advertising on Facebook generates a lot of views or clicks through to their site. If you’re missing your goal of 100 visitors a day, you will estimate that visiting your site will cost you $10 a day. However, this $10 would cover all costs involved in transport, meals, lodging, etc if ten people visited your site per day. Therefore, from your $10, you can only spend 10 cents to get ten visits a day.

How is this working? This is how it works: if 10 people visit your site for one day, only $1 of that calculation has to be $10 spent on the ads. Keep in mind that ten people visiting is an expensive cost to pay. Even if only one person clicks on ads, they could be an extremely valuable lead that has the potential of becoming a customer and working with you. Facebook advertising campaigns are sold as auctions and auctions can be evaluated various bidding strategies. It allows advertisers to bid on different advertisement slots from different advertisers regarding acceptable costs and campaign duration, selecting the maximum bid to be the lowest.

Examples of facebook ads


shows you what your customers are interested in


They assist your audience with information


Drive traffic to these pages and build credibility with your audience

How to run facebook ads?

Get started with the right campaign and strategy. All Facebook Ads campaigns start with an audience segmentation query, which is shown to your audience in Facebook ad pages when they enter the main page of your ad group. Audiences for Facebook Ads are very detailed. First you can select a single audience to target and this will be your brand or business. After that you can select additional audience segments for your ad, and in this way you can populate your audience database. The audience organizers in Facebook Ads will generate different audience segments for you based on what information they have such as Age, Gender, Location, Work Experience, and more. There exists also Bio-data segmentation. It will capture some information from the internet users when they enter your page, such as their external affiliations. Then there holds Functional segmentation segmentation. This will include information of your website visitors from what pages they have visited. Lastly, there is psychographic segmentation. This includes information such as interests and personality traits which your audience will have when they enter your ad. When you run a Facebook ad campaign, the audience segmenting information from Facebook is used to identify your target audience in Facebook ads. As each audience segment in Facebook Ads individually contains some information about you and your audience, you can tailor your advertisement targeting to them. There exist different audiences segments you can select from in your audience segmenting query. Knowing this should help you target your ad campaigns based on your audience profiles, and tailor your ad campaigns to your audience. It is important to choose your audience segment so that your advertisement campaigns are targeted accurately and effectively, limiting the costs in your overall advertising campaign. There is also the problem of capturing all the flavors of your audience by listing different audience segments or communities you can target. 

Audiences by Facebook Ads consists of many profiles of the same person, and you need to filter out profiles with no similarities to decision-making users. To identify the profiles to exclude, Facebook will take biometric information to segment the profiles. They use the digital signature feature to verify the authenticity of the contributor so that it can be identified as a Facebook user including their age, gender, connections, places of residence and more. Similarly, you can include filters to limit the amount of detail that is retained from competitors profiles that you are not interested to your audience segment. It is worth mentioning that Facebook Ads has targeted functional, behavioral, behavioral, interest and psychographic segments from Facebook since 2018.

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